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We are an Edmonton digital marketing agency that offers online marketing services that can help your business online, such as: Website Design & Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategy, Pay Per Click advertising (such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads)Landing Pages, and more.

We provide our clients digital marketing services that are based on a very strong foundation (Web Design and technical website performance). Then we move towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The SEO strategies used are specifically customized for your business needs. We work together with you as a team to reach your digital marketing goals.

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Below you can learn more about the digital marketing services we offer…

Edmonton Web Design

Many businesses in Edmonton, Alberta (and across Canada and the US) have benefited from a stronger web presence provided by our digital marketing agency. Website Design is a core specialty of ours, and we take pride in delivering not only fantastic website designs, but ultimately an asset that is built to serve your business and make you more money. If your website isn’t making you money, then what is it doing?

While we’re based out of the Edmonton area, we have served customers throughout Canada and the US.

Learn more about our Web Design services.

Edmonton Search Engine Marketing Services​

SEO (or SEM – Search Engine Marketing) can cover a lot of different areas. This includes digital marketing strategies such as Organic SEO, Local SEO, or Paid SEO. Deciding where to place your digital marketing efforts is a critical decision, and it’s one that should be done as a team. It may or may not involve your website, but more than likely your website will play an important role.

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Organic SEO Edmonton

Organic SEO can have a lot of power to help your website. It’s no secret that those who show up on the first page of Google are the ones that get the vast majority of clicks and traffic. And those in the top 3 spots get the majority of that traffic. If you want to earn traffic from Google (and other search engines), you need to rank – and that’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Often, content creation is an important aspect that can help with Organic SEO efforts. Search engines like Google look at the content on your site to determine how you should rank based on a searchers query. Content creation is often one of the hardest things for site owners to do. That is why we have solutions that can help with this as well.

Local SEO Edmonton

Organic SEO can often mingle together with Local SEO, which involves showing up in the Google Maps Listings. Google My Business is the platform used to show up in maps, and it is an extremely powerful and important asset for any local business.

It’s very common today where searchers won’t even visit a businesses website, they will make a decision based solely off of a Google My Business listing. They will look at the description, maybe some reviews, maybe some photos, maybe a menu, and then make a phone call or take some other action… without having visited a website.

Super important to do properly!

Google Ads / Paid SEO

When doing internet marketing , there’s long-term approaches, and then there’s short-term. Paid ads can be a great way to get results fast. Sure, you have to “pay to play” – but if you want speed, customers, and can afford it… it might be right for you.

It’s important to make sure the ads you are running are actually profitable, however. That’s where we come in.

Facebook Ads / Social Media Marketing

While we typically don’t manage organic Social Media posts or accounts, we do setup and manage Facebook Ads. Many brands rely on this avenue to help build awareness for their brand. Contact us to discuss if it’s the right option for you!

Digital Marketing Strategy​

Before choosing any one of the above marketing services, the best place to start is with a proper overall digital marketing strategy. This is a team effort, and we work with you to discover what areas need improvement, or what’s already working. Then we put together a roadmap that will lay out what specific digital marketing services are required.

Once we know what marketing areas to focus on, we can get to work on making your business and website be the best that it can be online.

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